Tips On Selling To Different Types Of Prospect

Published: 02nd May 2012
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If you have gone on a sales training course or based on your personal selling practical experience you'll be conscious that each prospect has a variety of needs. One person may possibly prefer an extensive explanation of your product application options. The following person might be looking for reassurance. A third buyer may well want to discuss a detailed cost-benefit analysis. Yet another customer could have a particular question which demands only a brief and precise response. So, to be able to achieve the needs of the different kinds of buyers, you must have the ability to promptly recognise the client type that you are handling. You then in addition ought to know how to adapt the manner in which you act, to best cope with that kind of customer.

Obviously, a client will not present themself to be specifically of one kind. But, in the vast majority of situations, one of the four basic attributes will dominate and determine what the client expects or needs from your company.

Below are four statements with each representing a basic client mentality:

Type one: "I would like to broaden the usage of your product or service to different areas within my company. Specially, I need to go into... However it does not say anything in the directions about the way to do this."

Type 2: "To me, perhaps the most important need I have for this product or service is that it is entirely reliable. I wish to feel secure."

Type 3: " I took the time and calculated how much your product costs per litre. Because 2.5 litres are required per 100m2, the product is quite a bit more pricey than comparable types from the competition. What is it regarding the product that presents further value for the rate you are asking?"

Type 4: "I will describe briefly what I need from you. Please tell me with a simple yes or no whether or not you can provide these things or not!"

As a sales training activity take a piece of paper and define, by using a few key words, how you might sell to each of the above client types. Then read the ideas below.


Type 1 is actually a customer with a wealth of suggestions who usually likes to try out something new. They are imaginative, fired up and delight in innovative ideas. Explain to them the product's versatility and new application opportunities and you'll find an engaged listener. This sort of customer tends to dramatise their issues and is inclined to exaggerate. They're status-oriented and want to set themself apart with their purchase, maybe even show off a little bit. Tell them about the positive aspects the package offers to them personally and you'll have them on your side.

Type 2 is a pleasant man who values harmony. They must feel good regarding the buying decision they have made. They need things to remain in order and ask a lot of questions so as to seek your reassurance. This customer is searching for someone who is aware of their point of view and in whom they can confide. They hate conflicts and are therefore apt to withdraw, rather than create a confrontation, if they do not happen to agree to your sales proposal. Be mindful to always execute discussions in a relaxed and uninterrupted setting. Otherwise, it's possible you'll risk missing the fine emotional nuances expressed by the client. This kind of person does not force their view on anyone. They appreciate a cordial private environment and dislike any type of surprise.

Type 3 loves questioning details and also to dissect each offer into its components in order to identify prospective weak points. They are really well organised and prefer to go into detail. Be very careful in developing your selling presentation. Never incorporate anything which you are unable to fully document. Be able to speak about in detail any part of your presentation and ensure that that you'll be in a position to make each and every point perfectly clear. Be confident that your arguments are coherent. They're going to come to a decision on your company only after they have understood and accepted the validity of your presentation.

Type 4 is really a no-nonsense type of person. They think that time is money and really don't care for prolonged explanations. They expect you to sum up the essentials of your sales proposal in as few words as you possibly can. Their attitude is demanding and can occasionally be arrogant and even pushy. Get to the point right away. Reply to their queries factually and as briefly and specifically as possible. Resist the temptation to brag about your product's exceptional benefits unless of course you're asked to do so. Nothing turns off this kind of buyer more than the impression you're wasting their time.

In summary, be aware of the four distinct varieties of buyer along with the selling approach that performs best with each type. To discover out more regarding the various types of buyer and how to sell to them you will need to attend a good sales training course.

Richard Stone is a Company director for Spearhead Training Group Limited, an organization that delivers a full range of management and sales training courses designed for improving business and personal overall performance. You can see a lot more articles at

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