Using A Sales Competency Ladder To Examine The Competency Of Your Sales Team - Part Two

08th April 2015
For results you'll need staff on your sales team who can act as competition oriented sales advisors who've achieved the fourth and ultimate phase of the sales competency ladder. In this sales training post the last 2 components of the competencies necessa... Read >

The Way Sales Men And Women Can Use The Four Ps To Present The Firm As An Excellent Supplier

01st November 2012
In order to present your company as the ideal partner it is best to know your customer's needs to ensure that your offering may be tailor made to suit them. To achieve this you'll need to discover on which point they're more flexible to think about you as... Read >

Tips On Selling To Different Types Of Prospect

02nd May 2012
If you have gone on a sales training course or based on your personal selling practical experience you'll be conscious that each prospect has a variety of needs. One person may possibly prefer an extensive explanation of your product application options. ... Read >